Once upon a time, there was a very picky designer who could not find cabinets she liked to offer her clients. She did not like the vague specifications of the overpriced, low-quality cabinets that were industry standard. Upon asking, she learned they used frames of formaldehyde-filled MDF or standard formaldehyde-filled plywoods, conversion varnishes that were anything but green and had the most gutless hardware ever. Most of them were made in distant lands for very cheap prices so that the stores could make a huge profit on a terrible product. Even the nice looking vanities were not what they seemed to be on the inside. She read way too much about carcinogenic products and it just made her more stubborn than before.


Well, it seemed to be an easy fix… Just draw one up and have someone build it the way it should/could be done. But Noooo. That was too easy, because all of the old-school cabinet builders looked at her funny and asked “what’s F.S.C.?”, then they laughed and told her that all forests are protected nowadays, that conversion varnishes were the only finishes that really worked, and that the formaldehyde was so incredibly low in the plywoods that it could not possibly do any harm. Some got annoyed and just gave her really high prices to make her go away. But then, she started meeting people who wanted to build things sustainably; people who got it. Then, they created many interesting and creative projects, discovered what things people really liked (and didn’t like) and figured out how to work together with great satisfaction. They respected each others work and felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment with every completed project / happy customer.


Offering healthy, furniture grade cabinetry that is built in the USA is the basis of Emanate Design. Without sounding too granola; we get it, and want to offer a responsible product for an honest price. We appreciate and honor every customer who makes an informed choice to purchase something sustainable and who cares about supporting green collar jobs in the USA. Making our Green Economy a reality is essential to a vibrant future. Building and sustaining community, continuous learning and growing, and mindfulness are a few key pieces to what the Green Economy embodies.


Of course, they all lived happily ever after in their amazing kitchens and bathrooms…


Live Well and be happy with every choice you make!


Cyndi Maskolunas
owner/ designer
Emanate Design & Sustainable Kitchens & Baths of Santa Cruz